Fantoo is a team of innovators and entrepreneurs




The Fantoo team is focused on building beautiful and functional products that solve entrenched business problems, with simplicity. Tackling an issue we all face daily: to communicate and collaborate better. Fantoo leverages AI to enable functionality that makes the user smarter and more responsive in their day to day tasks, while maximizing workflow and team collaboration.

Our founder Jordan Fantaay has been devoted to innovation since a young age, and at only eighteen, developed a wireless hi-fi system which went on to be sold at Harrods.





We are Dell’s first global start-up in residence, hand-picked by Michael Dell himself. We are based out of Dell’s headquarters in Bracknell, and with their support, we are working to bring email into the 21st century.


We are also working closely with Microsoft to ensure a closely coupled product, which leverages their strengths with Office365 and Azure to blend with Fantoo’s innovation and out of the box thinking.