How Fantoo's AI Works

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AI working for you

Using Fantoo AI and machine learning we help you with the right information at the right time. We help you find the value in your data and the competitive advantage in the information we can derive from it. Fantoo AI removes the clutter of data and presents pertinent information just when you need it.

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Message prioritisation

Saving you time, minimising distractions and preventing you from missing important messages.

You receive many messages through social notifications, newsletters and emails mixed in with important requests from people from within and outside of your team.

Our AI analyses your message feeds and finds the information that you really need to read; you can even provide feedback to make it smarter. Fantoo surfaces the most relevant messages, so that you can act upon what is important.

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Fantoo AI surfaces relevant information within a message to save you time reading lengthy text. We provide an enhanced version of the message content so that you can get the fundamentals of the message quickly.

This saves you time to get to the important action faster and becomes essential when you are mobile and moving around between meetings.

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People and customer centric information

Using our AI engine, we provide quick and easy collaboration with the people who are most relevant to you right now.

Our AI analyses your communication patterns to discover who you collaborate with most often, Fantoo reveals your top 15 suggested contacts to make collaboration even easier.

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Finding information

Fantoo’s AI helps you find what you need when you need it. We remove the challenge of finding information. We will search your Messages, Files, Meetings and Contacts to find what you need.

You work with a lot of files stored in many different places - reports, contracts, proposals and invoices scattered across your Inbox, Calendar, OneDrive and SharePoint.

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Smart working

Tasks in Fantoo are not simply a ‘to do’ list. We help you follow a task to completion where it has business value. Unactioned tasks are highlighted to you in a timely fashion. If you take a task in a meeting, our AI will remind you before the next meeting to ensure you have time to complete.

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Empowering your day

At Fantoo we see your Diary as your time management tool. Using Fantoo AI we guide and support you through your day, maximising your valuable time.

We ensure you allow time to travel to meetings, alert you of your next appointment and suggest tasks to work on during free time so that you complete them before their deadline.

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Your productivity dashboard

Using the Fantoo AI engine we can go further. We use data analytics to help you understand your productivity throughout your day.

We determine the time it will take to triage your email, the estimated time it will take to complete your tasks and then help you plan your day so that you can complete them, delivering value to your business and customers.

Fantoo - Empowering your day

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