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Where do you spend most of your day?

We understand that email is important, but it can also be a huge drain on our time. Traditional email clients encourage users to spend a high proportion of their day using email as a means of organising themselves. This, combined with day-to-day distractions of incoming email, means users spend a lot of time looking for activities within their Inbox instead of accomplishing meaningful tasks.

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The unproductive loop

Many people generally know the direction of their working day. However, many are then guided by their diary or emails as a list of tasks they need to achieve. This creates potentially many alternative paths which can be confusing.

Have you ever felt a sense of achievement once you have cleared your emails only to find that you have delivered little value back to the business? Many productivity apps focus on presenting emails, messaging and meeting information in a cleaner fashion to improve knowledge workers time and productivity. But is this enough?

At Fantoo, we think differently. We understand that helping you action your tasks is the path to better productivity.

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Thinking differently about how your business actions important information

At Fantoo we understand the importance of information. However, we feel information is only positive to the business if it becomes actionable. Cluttered email, social and data feeds lead to unfocused actions and missed opportunities.

We help you determine the right information feeds for you. Leveraging priority messaging, we present you with the most important emails and social feeds right to your message centre, which you can then triage into deliverables.

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People and customer centric information

Your relationships with colleagues and customers are the most important connection points during your day.

We give you a complete view of your customer interactions to help you manage your customer relationships more efficiently. Fantoo makes sure you never miss that important response you’ve been waiting for.

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Making tasks into actions

Taking input from emails, social feeds, manual additions or third party integrations, Fantoo brings together all your tasks in to a single actionable list. Not only can you review your daily tasks but also prioritise and find time in your schedule to action them.

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Empowering your day

The diary of your day empowers you to maximise your time. At Fantoo we know that your meetings and tasks are connected. We know your time is spent between completing tasks, attending meetings and then identifying new tasks from those meetings.

We ensure you allow time to travel to meetings, alert you of your next appointment and suggest tasks to work on during free time so that you complete them before their deadline.

Fantoo - Empowering your day

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